Top Miami Photography Spots to Visit

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If you’re visiting Miami and want to bring back with you some awesome photos, here are some of our suggestions of the best Miami photograph spots. Also included are the best time to do your photoshoot for every location. While there are certainly so many extraordinary beautiful spots in Miami, these are some of the best. Do take your time to visit them so you can see for yourself.

The Bay Walk

If you want to capture a glorious sunset, this is the best place to be at. Go there before the sun sets so you can observe how the heavens change into a golden, blood-shot sky. You can also capture the boats, the waters, and the horizon filled with towering buildings against the backdrop of the fading, golden sky.

The Beach

If you’re more of a morning person and want to get to know Miami before most are awake, then go to the beach by dawn. You’ll experience a magnificent sunrise there. The beach is vast so you can actually go there every day and discover a different spot each time. All your photographs will surely come out wonderful.

South Point Park and Pier

This is another spot where you can capture the sun as it is either rising or setting. Make sure to go on the West side to get the best angles. Also, why not experiment with the shutter speed and other technical aspects of your camera? You’ll get to see different effects for various settings. This will be fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Children’s Museum

If you’re traveling with your family, make sure to take the kids here. They’ll surely love the place. Also, it will be an opportunity for you to take some good photos of the city. The best time to do this is at sunset and at nighttime. You’ll catch the bridge as it lights up along with the buildings across the museum. Try to go under the bridge to capture various perspectives.

Lifeguard Towers at the Beach

Since you’ll surely be going to the beach more than once while you’re in Miami, do take a look at the different things that you’ll see there. For example, the lifeguard towers are a great subject for your photos. Go there during sunrise so you can capture the changing colors of the sky that will make a great background for your photographs.


Now you have a good list of Miami photography spots. You can practice your photography skills while you’re visiting Miami while having a fun time there as well. Observe people, too. They can be good photo subjects as well. Don’t be afraid of the technicalities of photography. While there are so many features on a camera that you can tweak, experiment with a few every now and then and see what results you get. In the end, just have fun really. That’s the most important rule in photography. Never be too intimidated that you become scared to start shooting some awesome stuff.

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