The Benefits of Playing with Slime

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You might have seen how kids get crazy about slime. Just like any parent, you might get concerned about it, too.  Well, don’t be. Slime is generally safe. While it may have certain ingredients that are not your usual compounds like Borax, they have it in quantities that are not a cause for alarm.  


On the other hand, there are a lot of benefits to playing with slime. That’s why parents should let their children play with slime. Parents can now stop thinking slime as a weird, gooey fad that they hope will go away soon, just like the fidget spinner.  

What Do Children Get when Playing with Slime? 

There are at least three things that a child learns when playing with slime. If you get impressed with these benefits, then maybe you can join your child in their next slime making session. Your kids will definitely appreciate it if they can do something that they love doing with you. The benefits of slime are: 

  1. It’s educational. 

You might not believe it but slime making and playing teaches your child a lot of things. It’s actually a good science project that you can do with the kids. You can show your kids what happens when one or two chemicals combine. There are a lot of science concepts touched upon by slime making. Children easily learn about molecules, mixtures, viscosity, polymer, and chemical reactions.  

  1. Slime playing is a great bonding time. 

If you are running out of ideas when it comes to bonding time with your children, then maybe making and playing with slime is a good idea. Playing with slime is enjoyable for both kids and adults. You can make slime together and maybe use it to decorate a board. Be more creative when playing. You can add some miniature toys to place on top and inside the slime.  

  1. Slime is relaxing. 

If you have played with slime yourself, then you may already know how relaxing it feels. The gooey sensation in your hands eases all stress away. Maybe that’s the reason why kids simply love playing with slime. They feel that sensation and they’re liking it. That leads us to the fourth benefit of slime.  

  1. It offers a sensory experience. 

It has been proven that sensory games provide a lot of good things for children. So, if you’re looking for the next sensory game to let your kids play with, slime is a good choice. Just supervise them while playing to make sure that they don’t ingest the slime. The slime can only be used by hands. It is not supposed to be eaten.  

Where to Get Slime  

You might have seen a lot of videos on how to make slime. But there’s a better and faster way to obtain them. You can get slime for sale cheap from online and offline stores. It is strongly suggested that you get slime from reputable sources so that you don’t have to worry about it having ingredients that can harm your child.  



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