Roof Leakage

Is Roof Leakage an Emergency? 

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Leakage in your roof is always a problem in any weather. But a damaged roof that starts to malfunction during the storm can quickly turn to an emergency situation. Unfortunately, it’s so hard to fix or repair a roof when there’s a heavy rain already. The best thing to do before the storm is to hire a professional Roofing Service Littleton to check your roof or repair the small damage earlier so that the homeowners can be able to avoid further damages and avoid unwanted situations. 

Roof Leakage

Roof Leakage 

if you notice that there’s a water stain in your ceiling and up to your wall, maybe the cause or probably the answer is your leaky roof. Localizing the leak is always a hard part, fixing the damage in your roof is usually pretty easy, but if u did not make it well or if your effort is not enough, better ask a professional help, to prevent further damage 

How to Know Leakage in your Roof 

When you’re trying to locate the leak. First, check toward the top of your roof. If the top of your roof has a lot of dry leaves from the trees surrounds your house. Clean it first because often times the main reason of roof stain is from that leaves. It’s like a cavity that gradually destroys your teeth.  

Then if you already located the stain or the leak, try to assess if you can handle it by yourself or need someone who are knowledgeable when it comes to that matter, you need to hire or to call a person who are pro with regards to that because small leaks will become a big problem in the future if we take it for granted. 

A Style for Finding Hard and Difficult Leaks 

If there’s a leakage that is hard to find, get a helper and ask him to go up the roof and bring water or much better if you have a garden hose. Turn on the water hose and spread the water to the suspected area where leakage exist, spread and spread the water until it may pour in the damage roof, go inside your house then check and wait until the leakage is visible. If this technique doesn’t help you to locate the exact problem, then start to hire a person or call a person who are well equipped to avoid further damage in your roof. 

Common Problems on your Roof 

Here’s the common problem on the parts of your roof: 

  • In your SOFFIT-insects and very small animal are very attracted of woods. So be aware of cracks and rotting. 
  • In your GUTTER-gutters are sensitive in water and stack ice…so frequent inspection and preventive maintenance is necessary. 

If you have a damaged roof, better repair it or fix it as soon as possible, even if it is not disturbing you, small amount  of water drops or water leakage can lead to a hard to manage problem, it may result molds, rotting frame, and damage your ceiling…those damages may lead also to a very expensive bill, but if the homeowner(s)deal that immediately, we can minimize the damage, both pocket and resources. 


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